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The WEE Center is a reflection of our world. Our students come from around the world, from different backgrounds, from different family dynamics. And we support all the families that come through our doors. We welcome all who enter our doors because we know that diversity is our strongest asset. 

Classes Available:

  • 2 year olds

(must be 2 as of September 2019)

  • 3 year olds

  • 4 year olds (pre-k)

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Facebook where we are sharing our favorite books and activities with our families during these unprecedented times.
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The WEE Center is Currently closed as per the directive by Gov. Larry Hogan.

Our Normal Schedule:

Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

We have several options for your family’s needs: 2’s, 3’s, and preschool days that help your child along their way to a good start for Kindergarten. 

Choose to attend 2, 3, 4, or 5 days

per week. 

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In accordance with the directive from Governor Hogan for Maryland Public Schools to stay closed until the end of this school year, the Woodbrook Early Education Center has remained closed. Currently we are awaiting guidance from the state of Maryland and the Office of Child Care regarding what the fall will look like.  Please know that we do not make any decisions lightly as we know the closures related to the pandemic bring great difficulty for many of your family situations. However, we will continue to follow the advice of experts who know far more about the ramifications of this pandemic than we do.

We are however, able to provide tours.  If you are interested, please call 410-377-8918 or email edefilippis@woodbrook.org.  

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