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What are families saying about The WEE Center?

"Choosing WEE School for our children's education was an easy decision for my husband and I, as my Mother and Aunt both teach at the pre-school.  We have seen first hand the effort and love that the teachers put into preparing to impact the lives of young children every day.  It is amazing to see how much our son and daughter grow and learn each day they attend.  We can see the growth they have made socially and intellectually over the past two years.  Having my daughter come home and teach us a new sign language word or an interesting bit of information regarding art history; or having my son come home and repeat an activity he learned at school and seeing the new confidence he carries himself with is proof that we made the right choice.  Our children enjoy learning new Bible stories, and attending art, movement, and science each week.  All the staff manifest the same care for the children that we knew we would receive from our own family.  We look forward to sending our third child there in two years!"

“I visited almost every local preschool searching for the right fit for our family. I wanted a school environment that was welcoming, academically centered, and most of all felt like family. WEE is all of this and more. The cheerful, nurturing, teachers and staff are some of the most talented people I have ever met. They are patient and loving with every child and always approachable to parents. Our daughter’s day is filled with music, stories, art projects, science adventures, plenty of free play, and most importantly her “Red Room friends.” My heart fills with joy daily when I see the beaming smile on her face as she runs up to the door of WEE. I couldn’t ask for more!”

Christine B.

Jill & Ben W.


Our older son was very shy in his former preschool but when he transferred to the 4 year old program at Wee, he blossomed into a social butterfly with the staff’s love and support. His teachers were so nurturing and the environment was so accepting, that he gained a true love of learning which prepared him for great success in kindergarten. Our twins began the 2 year old program this year and have had a wonderful experience as well. They had no problem transitioning to school for the first time. They are so excited to arrive at school to see their teachers, they run through the door and don’t even look back to say goodbye! A definite sign of two more boys loving to learn. All three of our boys have been provided a solid foundation at Wee that prepares them for a lifetime of learning. The Wee staff not only provides the students with opportunities for growth, but considers the entire family, by offering parents classes and social events to help cope with the ‘stressess’ of life. The entire Wee staff has always been so welcoming of our nontraditional family that we know this is the place for everyone! WEE is awesome!”

Caren & Alissa


From the very start, I knew that my son would be well cared for in every way.  The teachers are so loving and experienced.  The education my children received was extremely thoughtful and well-rounded-from math, pre-reading and writing and science to music, art appreciation, and physical education.  It is all taught in a spirit of fun and adventure.  And it is all taught in the context of God's love."
Alycia N.

Thank you to all the teachers for doing all these activities for your students.  You are really doing an excellent job.  All this shows your love for these children and the passion you have towards teaching and caring for these children.  I just wanted to appreciate your efforts, and if I were to rate the WEE School Covid-19 crisis management is A+, extraordinary.   

Grishma R. 


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