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The Yellow & Blue Rooms: 3 Year Olds

  • 25 Stevenson Lane.Baltimore.MD.21212

Service Description

Our play-based three year old program is designed to enhance children’s confidence and build their social and cognitive skills. With a slightly more structured routine than in previous years, children build on their pre-writing, pre-reading, and pre-math skills through art, crafts, music and movement, circle time and learning centers. In addition, science and nature are incorporated through our outdoor classroom where children have opportunities to explore, observe, and appreciate nature. Independence is fine-tuned as children become more self-reliant and are able to “do it themselves.” Children gain increasing independence with life skills such as pouring their own juice, cleaning up, and taking care of their own belongings. Fine motor skills are also enhanced through writing, gluing, cutting, drawing, painting, and manipulatives. Our teachers create a warm and nurturing environment, which in turn helps children develop trusting and positive relationships with their peers. Problem solving, sharing, cooperation and decision-making are incorporated into the daily routine giving children life-long skills and habits. Our three year olds build the social, physical, and cognitive foundation necessary for the more academic years to follow.

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25 Stevenson Lane, Baltimore, MD, USA

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